Friday, 29 February 2008

I love the closure on this card. It simply slips over the top and keeps the card in place. It has great potential in the decorating stakes, though this one is probably as simple as it will get. The colours used here were all deliberately toned down.
I have the day to myself today (usually famous last words on my part!), so am trying to finish off my pages in a construction technique swap I am hosting, before going out to dinner tonight.
Today is a red letter day in my family. My youngest, Ashley, is moving into town, twenty minutes away. I am wondering how long he will survive until he realises it is way expensive to live away from home (on a 2nd year apprenticeship wage). He may prove me wrong and thrive!! I still have my other kiddliwink, Magella, at home (she does not look like moving until she is old and grey!)
Hot, humid and sunny today and that will help with drying out everything. My electricity bill though will continue to be poxy, coz the air con will have to back on pretty soon!
Hope ye all have a great day!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Here is another trifold card, this time using a tag and ribbon closure. These cards are impressive but really easy to make. They are extremely suited to double sided paper as long as that paper doesn't have a high gsm (makes them too heavy).
When I finish the other two in the series I will pop them on here too!
Hope you like these first two.

Well I have been absent for a while, very busy with a community event (a Trivial Pursuit night)and wedding invitations.
Both things are now firmly behind me and I look towards the next lot of things on my "to do" list!!!
Here is a trifold card I did last week, using Kaiser double sided papers. It is very pretty in real life. This one closes uses ribbon on the right side. I shall upload another using a different closure soon.
Just when we thought we could dry out from the deluges we have been copping, it has begun again! Absolutely eveything around here is mouldy and damp...except my "dungeon" aka art room! I keep it closed up and have the air con most of the time, plus the extra precaution of having my "stuff" well packed away.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Been playing with the rollagraph wheels of late, getting ready for a class with them tomorrow. This wheel makes for a great male card. Male cards seem to be just a tad harder to achieve for a lot of stampers, but feedback from males themselves tells me they do like colour and wonder why us stampers restrict the making to browns!!!

This card is another using rollagraph wheels. I try to keep the cards made for class quite simple as I have a range of abilities to cater for and don't want to frighten the beginners away by making the degree of difficulty too high.

I am, also, endeavouring this month, to stay away from the red colour family. I tell you, it has been the biggest challenge, as I naturally gravitate to maroon especially!