Thursday, 26 May 2011

Life Is....

Evening all,

Just a quick post tonight showing a gorgeous image and sentiment from Darkroom Door.

The background behind the bike was made with alcohol inks on gloss card.

The striped piece at the back is the waxy Cuttlebug technique.

I have my new camera. Now to work out how to use the jolly thing! so...NOOO...I won't be showing off world class photos ....just yet...It's a wee daunting to tell the truth, but I am determined to master it. I almost had conniptions today when checking out how much I needed to transfer over to wipe out my CC for the month. I saw this figure from Harvey Norman...and thought!...Wait...I haven't bought any big ticket items from Harvey Norman...What the heck is this??...Then the penny dropped...I bought the camera....Phew! BEFORE I rang the bank! That would not have been pretty...Image of Michelle trying to crawl back out of the embarrassment hole....

All booked to go to stamp camp now. Looking forward to a weekend with Jeanette Trappett as the tutor. (Best pack lots of wine!) Looking more forward to annoying my mate Grace for a whole two weeks...And looking forward to having my hubby join us, albeit, for one weekend.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sending You Hugs Watercolour

I had this background piece in the backgrounds box and decided to get it gone! It was quickly made using H2O's on watercolour paper, some time ago.

I just quickly stamped the Penny Black image in StazOn black ink, distressed the edges...HEAPS...and mounted it, using a couple of embellishments! The Hero Arts wording fits just beautifully. I find Hero Arts have paid a great deal of attention, of late, to the sizing and the look of their sentiments. I am really enjoying the direction this company has been taking!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pretty in Pink

Well my mates were here in March for a little stamping get together. I wanted to try out a few of Michelle Zindorf's style of brayering and scene making.

Ok then. It is not as simple as it first appears! I gave up on trying to replicate this .

Instead of brayering, I sponged. I was somewhat determined to get those flamingos on a card! Cheryll had gifted the set to Grace. I wanted to get it dirty...Pronto! ROFL!

Anyway, even though I did not brayer, I am still happy with this scene, and of course, now I, too, own that set! Thanks Cheryll! Such an enabler!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Subdued With Sympathy

Ok, one of my varying excuses for lack of blogging was that my camera had died a lonely death.

My beautiful DIL to be and I also enrolled in TAFE to do a digital camera course AND a Photoshop course. Whilst the digital camera course was a total flop for us, we did get one thing out of it. We now want to learn how to take a good photo. This, of course requires a good camera.

We have been in the pursuit of finding us a good SLR camera and have now done so. Melissa has hers and I am waiting for mine to come in. In the meantime, without having the camera for more than an afternoon, we just did a series of point and shoots in terrible fluorescent lighting of some of my recent cards (seen the last two days and coming for the next two also). I am pretty chuffed with them. They have been merely cropped and straightened within Photoshop...Nothing else! Cannot wait until they unearth another Sony A55 for ME!!!!! The two from the last two days were stamped on gloss card. Any gloss card work I have ever tried to photograph has been a royal pain in the bum. This was so easy with a great result.

This card uses a beautiful Hero Arts shadow stamp. Have you tried looking for nice shadow stamp lately? I have! For someone else and they appear to be non existent! Hello manufacturers! There should be some out there. Highly useful a nice shadow stamp is!

The wording is hero Arts also but I think the main image is from Stampin Up.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thinking of You Stampscapes

Another Stampscapes scene. I love them!!!! They are sooo generic and can be adapted for almost any occasion...mmm.....maybe NOT babies and kids! But you know what I mean.

I am so going to enjoy attending stamp camp this year and playing with Stampscapes! (amongst other things!) It's always much more fun when what you are doing is something you are totally absorbed by....and if you haven't already guessed, I am just a little absorbed by scene making!

The only downer for scene stamping is the amount of time it all takes to come together! You really do have to put some time aside, especially in the learning stages.

This scene was also an early one ....I found a little stash of partially completed and throw out ones and resurrected them. This one had quite a bit I wasn't happy with, but now I think it to be passable, after working on it some more. It certainly is evidence to put something away and then revisit it down the track (and not just throw it straight in the bin with little hangmen drawn all over it, hey Cheryll?...ROFL....She actually DID do that!)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Follow the River

Hi there everyone!!!!

Long time away from action here. Lots of excuses! Lots and lots!!! But, I will not bore you here with them.

This is a Stampscapes scene, actually stamped up quite a while ago, but only recently mounted. I sometimes have real tortuous moments trying to think of interesting ways to present Stampscapes scenes, and often fall back on simple, as in the card here. This is because i hate to see any element covered up by embellishments etc. Am I wrong? Who knows?

I really was in learning mode when I stamped this.

Trying to organise a trip to the US next year to encompass a stamp show...oh AND some sight-seeing...I am told.....(If I have to!...I DID say, sightseeing = the inside of as many stamping places we could find! This did not go down well, hey Grace?)

So if you are American and can offer us up some information, that would be great! Stampaway in Ohio in August is supposed to be one of the best around. Opinions please!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lady By the Lake

The background to this gorgeous image by Rubber Poet was made using Kaleidacolour Ink, a brayer and gloss card. The sentiment is by Hero Arts.

It IS actually mounted on a white base card, which is quite difficult to see. The image and its immediate background has been raised from the Cuttlebugged piece using DSFT. Added for interest were the punched butterflies.

Watched a video of my niece jumping out of a plane last night, at 14 thousand feet. She tells me it was exciting, but I am wondering why anyone would pay more than 500 dollars to jump out of a perfectly working plane!!!! Hubby wants to go. I think we will buy him that for his upcoming birthday...and I will be on the ground with the bottle of wine and camera! Ugh....never ever...for me!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

With Sympathy

Hello again,

Just a quick card today. We all seem to need sympathy cards all too often, unfortunately, and I for one, do not like making them when I really have to. I find it much easier to have a few on hand.

With this in mind and the serene image from Darkroom Door, this card was born. The background I already had made is a Marvy Metallic one. (Yes, I was still checking out that background drawer.....There is lots and lots in there!)

Who remembers Marvy Metallics??? I still have them. They can make the most awesome backgrounds, so if you see some, grab them! I remember hosting an online class many years ago for an online Yahoo Group Stamphappy, and know that there are at least 8/9 different backgrounds you can make using these pens.

The wording is by Amazing Creations. Such a pity Jenny McNulty does not design anymore.

Have a great day!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Joseph's Coat

Hi there,

Some doofus went and injured her back yet again, so life has been a wee steady.

I pulled out the Joseph's Coat piece from my backgrounds drawer, sat and looked at it for a few days and almost put it back again. (I just like looking at the colours that came through when I was making

In the end, I decided to sacrifice it and put it to card. The stamped featured is from Hero Arts. Gorgeous, isn't it? I love quite a few in their catalogue this year.

Remember, if in Australia, I retail Hero Arts stuff!


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Well, a deviation from flowers!!! As needs must, they say!

I have a 21st to attend tonight...well, I think so...It is pouring rain and I have not heard that it has been called off yet. The young man in question has a love of motor bikes, so this card is quite appropriate, don't you think?

The stamp is from Stamp It Australia and I have had a little play with my copics. (Which means...don't be too harsh on me!) They don't get dusted near as often as they should.)

I have to say that the two Cuttlebug folders used for this card are wonderful for anything manly.

Going to set this to post tomorrow......

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Just Saying Hello

Very appropriate!

I am just saying hello.

This card fully features Hero Arts stamps. I would have said quick and easy but I had mega troubles with the little flower piece. I could not, for the life of me, get the StazOn opaque cream to look good on any colour, so, in the end, ditched it altogether and we now have what we can see here.

All cyclones have now been and gone, with the uber big one a bit of a non event for us. Got enough tinned food to last a while now, though! Power did not go except for about a minute. For this, I am grateful! The last time, 4 days without power, was a bit of a trial in the middle of summer.

Am thinking of the rellos on the Atherton Tablelands, who won't get their power back for a while yet. Good thing is, they are all good with no damage to houses (just the gardens).

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Drunk Flowers

I found a scrap of background, so quickly whizzed this gorgeous Hero Arts stamp on to it and layered it up.

Still falling into the CAS range, I think.

The scan seems to make it look like it is smudged, bit IRL it isn't.

Having a few shadow stamps on your collection is great for showing off pretty backgrounds. I think this one lends itself to the alcohol inks just nicely. What do you reckon?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Little Stamp Big Punch

Afternoon all,

On a very hot and steamy Saturday afternoon I have been hidden away in my art room. My back still gives me trouble sitting at my desk, so into the CAS style I go....well at least try to go! Tried punching the SU ribbon punch and it got stuck, so spent ten minutes with the craft knife making the holes. Would have been far faster to just stamp up another image....but NO...stampers rarely give up!

True to what I decided, this card comes completely from left overs. I love the set the Hero Arts watercolour flower comes from, but I love their wording even more. If you haven't had a chance to check their new sets out, I would well advise it!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Truly Appreciated CAS

Afternoon all,

Here is a CAS (Clean and Simple) card using my newly arrived Hero Arts stamps. The new catalogue is out and brimming with lots of must haves. (If in Australia, give me a buzz, as I do carry them!)

Also, I am on a yearly mission of using up the tonne of scraps I acquire throughout time. For the next little while, I am going to endeavour to not cut into a full sheet of anything....Methinks, this will be SOME challenge! I get a tick for this one, though, coz everything came out of the seconds drawers.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Old Gum Tree

Today brings a change of scenery. I was rummaging around the stamping drawers and found one of the very first stamps I ever bought and decided to condition it with these results.

The image is a Print Blocks one and is stamped in StazOn black. It has been coloured using Tombows. (Who still has Tombows??). The gum leaves stamped in the background are from the now defunct Stamp World and the wording is from SU.

I love the barbed wire ribbon and have been itching to use it on a card. What better way than with a tumbled down fence image!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Emerson Funnies

Hi there,

Yesterday was filled with doctors and a funeral and I didn't get to post.

I made up this quickie using a serviette, and the freezer paper technique. Pretty cool, hey? The stamping was done with Brilliance and an old Amazing Creations heart. I also lightly sponged around the edges.

I love these humorous sayings and know just the person I am going to give this too. She has a wicked sense of humour!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Picture in Pink

Evening all.

A simple card for today as I have damaged my back, once again, and don't like to sit too long.

The stamp is, of course, a Hero Arts one. It is one I have owned for a few years now and still comes in handy for a quick and easy card.

Add the diamantes to the Cuttlebugged card and a bit of ribbon and we are done.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pearlex Background

More Hero Arts!!!! This time, flourish flowers with wording from one of the mini sets.

I made the background using PE and spray webbing which has been sealed. Everything was stamped with StazOn black ink with the edges being swiped with the pad as well.

To finish off, a few SU butterfly punches with wee diamantes attached and some gold brads.

For those of you who have held in there through my absence...Thanks...HEAPS!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Pearlescent Backgrounds

Good morning all,

Today, I my card shows a pearlescent background. You can just see it in the picture. Such a pity the camera loses the sheen on things so easily.

I used a little Hero Arts stamp which I stamped in StaZon ink. The butterfly was an embellishment I picked up at Spotlight not long ago.

I should hear word soon if I have made the number attending a photographic course. Hope I don't have to wait until the next one. I am keen to develop a bit better knowledge in this area! (Especially the Photoshop component!) Pretty much a doofus all round on the subject.

(( I have a new shipment of Hero Arts for my little business coming in, so if you are interested and love Hero Arts, feel free to contact me.))

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gesso Scene

The background today was made using Gesso and Pearl Ex. I pulled out the Sew Mini to try out its paces again to attach the background piece to the final layer and used the SU butterfly punch with wee pearls to finish it off. The Hero Arts stamp was stamped with StaZon Black. The sheen of the PE makes this look so much prettier IRL.

To answer a few questions about the Cold Laminate:

1. Rice paper is usually found in specialist stationery shops along with the tissue paper. The texture of it reminds me of really fine tissue paper.
2. Tissue paper can be used also.
3. Cold laminate is to be found in stationery shops also.
4. Peel the backing off the cold laminate and carefully attach to the rice/tissue paper. That is truly all you have to do. (You can purposely scrunch the rice/tissue paper up to give a different effect.)
5. Stamp on the shiny acetate looking side...NOT the rice/tissue paper side.
6. Experiment with a background card. The effect and the colour you will see will depend what you layer this to.

It is one of the quickest background making techs out there. It is very cheap and very effective! Give it a go. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Revisit A Very Old Technique

I am going to run with flowers as they seem to be catching my eye more than anything else in my extensive collection at the moment.

This card revisits a very old technique using cold laminate and rice paper. It is the really pretty background behind the Penny Black flower. The wording is SU with the teal background being Cuttlebugged with one of their new larger sized embossing folders which are sooo much better to use than the small ones!

T'was a little tricky trying to photograph and not get the laminate all shiny. I hope you can see enough of it as is. I was outside in a flash, between the many storms we had today. Another one is brewing now!

I know it is simple, but I think it turned out OK in the end.

Pretties my hubby bought me for our wedding anniversary on Tuesday! Anyone who knows my hubby, knows this is not in character...SO, I have to show them off!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Penny Black...Again!

Hi there,

Accounts all done. The tax man will be happy. Husband is, for sure!

Now, on to another floral card. Flowers seem to be my absolute favourites. BUT!!!! You can't go wrong with flowers. Can you??

Penny Black flower with HA wording...again! I find the two companies seem to complement each other perfectly.

The Cuttlebugged background really makes the card, I think.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Monochromatic Flowers

Good morning everyone,

This is a product of yesterday's sojourn to the cool climes of my art room.

I love to work in monochromatic tones and think this is a good example of that type of work. The main image is by Hero Arts, as is the wording. (I just received the new 2011 catalogue for Hero Arts. YUMMO!) The flowers in the background are by SU.

The sketch is a tried and true one but is always a great one to fall back on. I am hoping to regain my mojo fully and am pleased with the start I have made!

"Side Note" : TODAY, is my 25th wedding anniversary!!!!

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year New Focus!

Hi all,

After having another hiatus, I am sincerely hoping to stay on track.

It has been difficult to become motivated given the weather conditions and the failure to get all our crop off...BUT....New Year....New Focus!

I have been asked quite a few times to take some piccies of my new stamping area, so I have started the year off with just that. I took over my daughter's room and just love the space and size of the room. (Magella is now living away from home, so I didn't kick her out of her room. I DID tell her she can't come back, coz I am now not giving it up for quids.) I inherited the purple, but decided I quite liked it. Magella helped me with the lime green curtains too, much to the disgust of her father!

Having JUST finished sorting through stuff, the room is really neat as it ever would get. In another half an hour it will not look like this as I am off to settle to the tennis and some stamping in the cool of the room.

It's funny....Neil is still calling the area Shell's Dungeon....I have been trying to re-educate him to Shell's artroom...or Shell's Studio.....but he is really hard to budge on his little catch phrase.

So here it is....

This is my teaching desk (but also general dumping ground when not teaching!)

My most favourite part of my house....My stamping table!

I really must do something with all the cards i have made. They are in all the little blue baskets. Under them is all my A4 card and paper.

All of the cardstock I have on sale.

Note the shoe hanger has a new mission in store my punches.

Personal storage space. You gotta love those cabinets....My stars! You can fit a tonne of stuff in them! The Brisbane Open Tennis for 2011 is playing on the telly (the Aussie lass is currently in the lead.)