Saturday, 7 May 2011

Follow the River

Hi there everyone!!!!

Long time away from action here. Lots of excuses! Lots and lots!!! But, I will not bore you here with them.

This is a Stampscapes scene, actually stamped up quite a while ago, but only recently mounted. I sometimes have real tortuous moments trying to think of interesting ways to present Stampscapes scenes, and often fall back on simple, as in the card here. This is because i hate to see any element covered up by embellishments etc. Am I wrong? Who knows?

I really was in learning mode when I stamped this.

Trying to organise a trip to the US next year to encompass a stamp show...oh AND some sight-seeing...I am told.....(If I have to!...I DID say, sightseeing = the inside of as many stamping places we could find! This did not go down well, hey Grace?)

So if you are American and can offer us up some information, that would be great! Stampaway in Ohio in August is supposed to be one of the best around. Opinions please!

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