Sunday, 29 November 2009


Hi again...I cleared out all my awards a little while ago, but have been given another two from sweet Jennie which I will share with you here!

The first one came accompanied by a little questionnaire...Here it is! Well, no it isn't...Can someone tell me how to get a whole page document in here without having to type it all out again. I have it currently in Word!

The people I would love to pass these two awards on to would be:

1. Christyne

2. Paige

3. Michelle

4. Kristin

5. Cathleen

This second comes with 5 things you may or may not know about me!

1. I turned FIFTY on the 16th of November and am a Monday child.

2. I went to an all girls' school. I then insisted my own chidren went to a coed school!

3. I hate the hot weather even though I live in the tropics. The aircon is raging on right now trying to keep me cool.

4. I will have been married 24 years on the 4th of January. Lived a year with my husband before tying the knot...

5. I cut the top of my index finger off on my right hand when I was six....sitting in a deck chair and leant I have a very funny looking finger happening there!

A Little bit of the old Xmas Feeling

Hi all,

Here is a little card based on something I saw in a Penny Black catalogue.

The holly is by PB, the sentiment by Stamp It Australia and the berries by me....I punched it out of left over rubber coz I couldn't find anything small enough to do the job I wanted it to do!

The little shadow stamp I have had for many years and do not remember where I acquired it...sorry! I used Colourbox Chalk Inks and StazOn Black for the colour and jazzed it up a little with Hero Arts bling.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Blue Joy

Hello everyone,

I made this little card on Sunday, but as yesterday was filled with a great day teaching Xmas cards, I haven't been able to upload it any sooner!

The stamp used is a Stamp It stamp, once more. They have sooo many gorgeous stamps to choose from and are a firm favourite with me. Card used is Bling by Bazzill and some vellum... an unknown source, I am afraid. I have added the two binding pieces to anchor the vellum as I find vellum spray adhesive as useful as tits on a bull in these parts...the humidity does it in really quickly and your vellum parts ways with your base card quicker than greased lightning! I also anchored the featured embossed wording with a beautiful bling brad...wasn't going to allow the piece to detach, no matter what!!!!

I am currently learning how to create a website and that is eating up a fair bit of my time...and will for the next couple of weeks. I am trying to keep abreast of everything!!!!! Please bear with me....funny saying that, when you think about it!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Xmas Tree

Moving right along to.....more Stamps by Judith.

I love how Judith's stamps interact and that a wee stamp can be responsible for making something as pretty as the tree. All stamps used are Stamps by Judith and the colour is achieved once more with the use of Kaleidacolour pads.

I am doing a class on Monday and think I might incorporate this into it. I was asked to do three Xmas cards. What do you think? Is it good enough?Have a great day people.

Mine is just starting and I do think I am going to melt a wee bit. Hubby has gone down to the farm to help tip the last lot of cane. We are hoping to cut the last of it without bogging! We had 5 inches of rain two weeks ago and the soda patches are giving us grief. The mill will shut down tomorrow, so it is a last ditch attempt to get it out. Left in the paddock means loss of income. The JOYS of farming!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Flower Garden

Cripes! I hope using PSE7 gets easier as you go along!!!!

Here is one of the cards I made last week when my friend was here annoying me. (I know full well she is going to read that!!!!!)

All stamps are Stamps by Judith and the ink is Kaleidacolour. We were watching the DVD on her interactive stamps and decided to give them a whirl. Pretty nifty, eh?

Monday, 16 November 2009

Trio Flowers

A simple little Stamps by Judith card.

The background was stamped using Artee Ancient Script AS561H and Hero Arts Large Delicate Wovcen Fabric H3317, SU Wording with all the rest being Stamps by Judith.

Cheers...Going out to tea for my 5oth!!!!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hello There!

Hi people!!!!!!

Here I am...back....but not fully! My phone line repairs have been given an extension until next Monday. Sweet....NOT! I am on a temporary line...not good for the Internet as it is painfully slow.

Ok...I have been busily Stampscaping again. One decision I have made is to not mix Adirondack dye inks with the Marvy Markers coz even though you polish off at the end with Micro Glaze, the colours still fade...and in this case, substantially!

I don't mind the end muted look, but it certainly wasn't this muted before I went to bed.

To my blog group, I will try and catch up
with all as soon as I am able.