Sunday, 29 November 2009


Hi again...I cleared out all my awards a little while ago, but have been given another two from sweet Jennie which I will share with you here!

The first one came accompanied by a little questionnaire...Here it is! Well, no it isn't...Can someone tell me how to get a whole page document in here without having to type it all out again. I have it currently in Word!

The people I would love to pass these two awards on to would be:

1. Christyne

2. Paige

3. Michelle

4. Kristin

5. Cathleen

This second comes with 5 things you may or may not know about me!

1. I turned FIFTY on the 16th of November and am a Monday child.

2. I went to an all girls' school. I then insisted my own chidren went to a coed school!

3. I hate the hot weather even though I live in the tropics. The aircon is raging on right now trying to keep me cool.

4. I will have been married 24 years on the 4th of January. Lived a year with my husband before tying the knot...

5. I cut the top of my index finger off on my right hand when I was six....sitting in a deck chair and leant I have a very funny looking finger happening there!


Paige said...

Thank you for the awards Michelle!
Funny, you hate the warm weather where you live and I hate winter which MN has about 6 months of!

Kristin said...

thank you for the award! whenever you get the word doc ready.... i guess we'll have homework :-)

Michelle Forrest said...

Thank you so much for the award.