Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Blue Joy

Hello everyone,

I made this little card on Sunday, but as yesterday was filled with a great day teaching Xmas cards, I haven't been able to upload it any sooner!

The stamp used is a Stamp It stamp, once more. They have sooo many gorgeous stamps to choose from and are a firm favourite with me. Card used is Bling by Bazzill and some vellum... an unknown source, I am afraid. I have added the two binding pieces to anchor the vellum as I find vellum spray adhesive as useful as tits on a bull in these parts...the humidity does it in really quickly and your vellum parts ways with your base card quicker than greased lightning! I also anchored the featured embossed wording with a beautiful bling brad...wasn't going to allow the piece to detach, no matter what!!!!

I am currently learning how to create a website and that is eating up a fair bit of my time...and will for the next couple of weeks. I am trying to keep abreast of everything!!!!! Please bear with me....funny saying that, when you think about it!