Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hello There!

Hi people!!!!!!

Here I am...back....but not fully! My phone line repairs have been given an extension until next Monday. Sweet....NOT! I am on a temporary line...not good for the Internet as it is painfully slow.

Ok...I have been busily Stampscaping again. One decision I have made is to not mix Adirondack dye inks with the Marvy Markers coz even though you polish off at the end with Micro Glaze, the colours still fade...and in this case, substantially!

I don't mind the end muted look, but it certainly wasn't this muted before I went to bed.

To my blog group, I will try and catch up
with all as soon as I am able.


MrsETaylor said...

what a beautiful card Michelle. You do such inspiring work

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

This is beautiful Shell! Hope you are back in the land of (computer) living soon! We miss you!!!

specialcraftmom4 said...

I think this card is just beautiful. It looks like early morning time to me and so very peaceful. Great job as always Michelle (:

JazzyH said...

Beautiful scene.

Paige said...

You are becoming a real expert with these stampscapes! love this beauty!

Jennie said...

Fabulous design Shell! This card is just gorgeous, love the scene you created and is it all one stamp or lots of little stamps?

I have missed you, so glad to see you on again :o) I understand it may be a bit before you have the phone lines repaired and have an award for you on my worries about getting to it though. :o) Have a great one!

Kristin said...

We miss you! But, I bet you are stamping up a storm since you can't waste time on the 'net (right?? grin!)

Love this card, even if you do think it is more muted than you'd like

Michelle Forrest said...

This is so pretty!

Missing you!

Cathleen said...

What a lovely card, I love the scene!