Monday, 9 May 2011

Subdued With Sympathy

Ok, one of my varying excuses for lack of blogging was that my camera had died a lonely death.

My beautiful DIL to be and I also enrolled in TAFE to do a digital camera course AND a Photoshop course. Whilst the digital camera course was a total flop for us, we did get one thing out of it. We now want to learn how to take a good photo. This, of course requires a good camera.

We have been in the pursuit of finding us a good SLR camera and have now done so. Melissa has hers and I am waiting for mine to come in. In the meantime, without having the camera for more than an afternoon, we just did a series of point and shoots in terrible fluorescent lighting of some of my recent cards (seen the last two days and coming for the next two also). I am pretty chuffed with them. They have been merely cropped and straightened within Photoshop...Nothing else! Cannot wait until they unearth another Sony A55 for ME!!!!! The two from the last two days were stamped on gloss card. Any gloss card work I have ever tried to photograph has been a royal pain in the bum. This was so easy with a great result.

This card uses a beautiful Hero Arts shadow stamp. Have you tried looking for nice shadow stamp lately? I have! For someone else and they appear to be non existent! Hello manufacturers! There should be some out there. Highly useful a nice shadow stamp is!

The wording is hero Arts also but I think the main image is from Stampin Up.

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LB Designs said...

You make me laugh with your camera woes! I've resorted to using my smartphone for picture-taking (sad, I know). And I hear you about the stamps. Love Hero Arts!