Monday, 26 May 2008

Continuing on with the "Boot" theme here! I used the Diecut with a View glitter paper for the patterned part of this card. The beads and glitter were adhered using that very, very, very tacky tape. It was a little tricky to lay it exactly where I wanted it, but worth the effort in the end. It is simple, this one, but looks really lovely IRL. I was going to add more stuff to it, but left it overnight & I now feel it is just right.

Another boot...well fancy that!
I used the DTP technique and ironed it out to get the pretty part of the boot here. Adding the boot trimmings really set this card off.

What? Another boot! Ok...Last one for a while. I may have gotten them out of my system for a while...
This one was made using Jo Sonja paints and the Faux Leather technique which I just adore. The little embossed flower was just the thing to finish the card.
Enough of boots now. They were lots of fun to make and are for someone who likes something just that little bit different.
Post Note: No looking Leigh!

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Leigh said...

pmsl Ooooo goodie, a preview. lol
Great cards Shell.