Wednesday, 4 August 2010

No time today!

I am going to have to post two cards tomorrow as today has evaporated into the mist!

I have been helping move equipment to and fro for the men planting, then off to the doctor's , which turned out to be quite the trip! After that to town to dump my phone for repairs, recoup some money from all the medical stuff happening lately, hand in signed papers for the accountant and finally, grab stuff for tea as I had the billylids coming .. After that, back home to move more heavy machinery. (Anyone familiar with heavy machinery, knows this isn't a five minute job!)

Once home and ready to cook, I retrieve a text to say my youngster is at the hospital. Arrggghhh! Well, he is home at the moment...sent home as there was no doctor in attendance.

Needless to say, photographing and posting my card is down my list until tomorrow! I am in worry mode.

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