Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ok then, I have been away to the Gold Coast to tutor at a stamp camp, so have been inactive here as a result. Camp was really great. Much mayhem and good laughs to be had whilst a lot of learning was going on. It was a good experience to have to teach in front of more than twenty ladies....much different from the days of teaching 10 year olds, and I must say, much more enjoyable. Many thanks to Jackie McGee for inviting me to teach and for thinking that I was good enough to do so.

I then went to Brisbane Paper Arts which really was such a bomb. Only 18 exhibitors (not at all the exhibitors fault, mind you!) Where are stamping classes?? One would think there is only scrapping on this planet at this moment in time. Nothing wrong with scrapping, but it is not the only paper art out there!!!!

Anyway, back home....Whilst hubby went slashing yesterday, I took the opportunity to rustle up a few ATCs...5, in fact for ACTSA...a Canberran group I belong to. They have a monthly ATC swap which I agreed to do at the beginning of the year. I will not be stamping for 6-8 weeks after I get my wrist operated on, so am trying to get myself ahead.

As soon as hubby buzzes off tomorrow to play with his tractors I am going to get stuck into making covers for the construction technique book I am currently hosting. I also have to rustle up a couple of classes of cards...have a few ideas hopefully that will not be too bad a task! All these things must be completed within the next couple of weeks...coz I sure do not see me doing anything left handed~!~

Anyway, here are the ATCs I made yesterday...Enjoy,Michelle...Oh and feel free to comment!

All but the puppy, open to an inner space.

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Leigh said...

They're great Shell. Like them all.