Saturday, 12 April 2008

Here are the cards I had my class do on Monday. The platypus and beach scene are both using the cracked glass technique. I did not use UTEE/Opals as when experimenting with the tech, I could not get the pieces to crack at all. (I have decided it is coz of the weather where I live.) I used, instead, just plain old clear embossing powder with 3-4 layers. For anyone else who lives in a very hot climate like I do, here is the best hint for this technique.... Put your piece in the freezer, leave it there for a good 15-20 minutes. When you are ready, pick the piece up and very quickly crack...Do this with your hands and the piece inside the freezer! The piece will warm too quickly if you even walk from freezer to table and then it will be too warm to do any cracking. It will bend but not crack! By doing the cracking quickly in the freezer, you have a better chance of the piece remaining very cold, which it needs to be (as it is most brittle when cold).

These last two are using the serviette technique with mod podge as the glue base. Both cards are made using two panels of the serviettes, as the main image in each is raised after being cut out. This tech is something I learned many years ago and I can safely say I truly look at serviettes with a very critical eye! I have been known to confiscate serviettes when out to dinner, coz they have been far too "interesting" for the folks to use to mop up dinner spills! When travelling, I am always on the lookout for that something different. I always find, the shops in one's own backyard tend to get the same old same old!

Like always, these cards look much more impressive IRL, but I am sure you get the idea!

Thanks for looking.


Leigh said...

Oh good, you've put the cards on. Much better photos than mine. lol

Chrissie said...

Love the frog they are my fav