Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Dungeon

Hi...Today, I thought I would share with you my creative space. I have a dedicated area, commonly known as "The Dungeon!". It is a long, skinny room not good for much at all. Hence, I nabbed it for me when were renovating. I have taken piccies anti-clockwise from the door. The entire long side unseen is cupboards (floor to ceiling, so of no interest here!)
The craft cabinets you see in picture one are just delightful. You have no idea just how much stash you can cram into all these wonderful drawers and it makes the room look quite funky too. I retail these cupboards, but you do need to save up for them coz they are not cheap. In saying that, I have had mine for 6 months now and think they are the best thing I have bought yet! Why? Well hubby thinks I only have so much stuff....but tis very, very deceptive the amount actually there in those little cupboards!
Hubby also put up two cork boards so I could display a few of the many items found in the dungeon. The phone has now been displaced to another room...thank goodness! I used to have my computer in this same room, hence needed the phone, but now I have wireless broadband, so turfed the computer and the phone to elsewhere, freeing up oodles more space in here!

Because I also have a little stamping and papercraft business and because I do need to have lots of card on hand, I also bought the great paper shelving. The wire racks hold patterned paper but the big shelves are chokka block with Bazzill paper. Looks like a giant rainbow, doesn't it?
Under the TV is a very heavy A4 cupboard being hidden in the piccie by a rainbow piece of material. The desk belongs to the same craft cabinet range and is absolutely the greatest idea. With this desk, you can load up all the essentials in the one and two inch drawers and know you don't have to get up every five seconds in pursuit of yet another something necessary in the creative process! In the tall plastic containers next to the desk, I hold most of my inkpads.

The shelves, I had to be extra patient in waiting for, but eventually hubby gave in....after.....I bought the ready made equipment and propped them up against the wall with the comment I was going to try and do it....Well, that got the ball rolling and he finally put them up for me. The extra long table I have had for squillions of years and comes in handy for drying wet work, major cutting projects and using the die cutter and embossing machines.
Under the table are 6 long boxes where I hold stock (plus lots in the cupboards, unseen)...Stuff I am not allowed to get into!
I know it is always great to check out somone else's space, so I hope you have enjoyed looking at mine!

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