Monday, 22 September 2008

Magella's 21st

Hi there,
I have been out of action for this month due to a very painful shoulder operation. I am now on the road of recovery and currently cursing the physio who is the harbringer of more pain apparently for the greater good down the track somewhere. I do hope the light at the end of the tunnel is nice and bright.
We celebrated the 21st of our beautiful daughter, Magella this weekend just past and I would like to share with you the signature book I made for her for the night. Since my scanner has a teenie problem with the colour purple, I decided to photograph it instead. Ok, now I am certain the colour purple is just a troublesome colour coz it isn't really the right shade of purple as in real life. There is a set of three keys dangling from the front of the book which you can just see if you are really good!
Here are Ashley and Magella. When looking at the party photos who was in 90% of them?....
He followed the photographers around and stuck his mug in every one he could. Toad! Must think his chubby cheeks are ready for Make Me A Super Model!
Here are Melissa, Ashes girlfriend, Magella and Carl. (Note: Ash WAS supposed to be in this one!)

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Leigh said...

Shell, the book is beautiful. Love the lettering. Great job.