Friday, 9 April 2010

Hope Your Day Shines People

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!!

Basically cased from the Hero Arts new catalogue. I am so pleased I stamped this up because it looks really cool IRL!

I have used Hero Arts stamps throughout, Colourbox Chalk Inks and Bazzill cardstock. I stamped, sponged and cut out a flower and attached it over the main flower with a button and string.

Please note I put the sentiment on a tilt...Yep...right away from my comfort zone....I almost didn't. I was sitting there with the DSFT on the back, moving it horizontally and then tilting...back to horizontally ....back to tilting. Aren't I a woosss?? I do not do crooked very well, so it is a major achievement that tilting won the day!

I have to say, it is brilliant to actually stamp something!
Wooooo Hooooo!!!!


Jennie said...

Shell, this is a stand out card! Love the Hero Arts stamps you used (are they clear or wood) and have to say the tilt works very nicely. I also have a TERRIBLE time with tilting anything, so OCD about those sorts of things. But crooked works (hey, you do crooked well, lol!)

Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

Obviously I liked you card so much I commented twice. Blogger is acting a bit wonky tonight :o(

specialcraftmom4 said...

Gorgeous card Shell and so happy that you are back. I do hope you post a picture or two of your new crafting space. The colors sound wonderful! Have a great weekend.

Cheryll Miller said...

Hey Shell Bell, it is great to have you back, creating and posting. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms! This is a lovely card, wonderful flower! Hope you managed to get your space "Shell organised" before the arrival of yummy crabs and new kitchen.

Jaspere said...

I just love the background you created.

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