Wednesday, 14 January 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Isn't it lovely to receive one of these! Many thanks to Abi , who belongs to Blogger Group 5. It is the second Blogger group I belong to. I have to recommend Blogger groups as a way to broaden your visual delight base!!!!

The rules of this award are:
1. First add the award to your blog,
2. Link to the person that gave you the award,
3. Nominate your favourite blogs to receive this award,
4. Leave a message on their blog telling them they are "one lovely blog"

This is always the hard bit...coz there are a lot of delightful blogs out there I toddle off to...rather too often...Sometimes I think the computer needs to be far far away in order for me to get anything else done. Far too addicting!

I digress: The names of a couple of super blogs I visit:
1. Dawn

2. Jackie

3.Mojo Monday

4. Jeni

5. The Girls

Ok I have left little notes where appropriate, except for Mojo Monday and The Girls, as these two, I am pretty sure, won't want to do this. However, they are really great places to go for visual candy, so I included them!

Am I still at this computer??????? Sigh! (Not really...Had a visitor in between and hubby home for smoko!)