Thursday, 29 July 2010

Metric Flap Fold

Hi there,

I am a wee late posting today, as I was called away to help move equipment to the next farm for planting. This took ages...Like half the day!

Anyway, here is a little Flap Fold Card I made using the instructions on the Scor-Pal site. Naturally, this can be made without the aid of the Scor-pal, but, again, I wanted to see if it was easier. You know, it is! The biggest draw card is that you don't need to get out ruler and pencil to measure everything. I tell you, this cuts a fair swag of time off construction part.

The only stamping with this is the sentiment on the front! The DP, I
scrounged off Cheryll :)

(And I know she does not like this one. I liked hers the best!)


Cheryll Miller said...

Ha! It is not me who doesn't like this one! I love purple, and especially the deeper shades. It is very different to mine, but that is only because I like green even better than purple!! :)
Did you manage to get the magnet thing to work?
PS I went and set up today in Proserpine, which involved putting tablecloths on tables! That's it! I am so organised .... not.

Anonymous said...

Cannot find my magnet on the tape dispenser thing....too organised now....Cannot find the two extra bundles of SU gloss you are should meet Chrystine....she has SUDSOL...might be of interest to you.