Monday, 26 July 2010

On The Beach

Hi there,

Wow! It sure doesn't take any time at all to go through all your reserves! I see I am already up to where I preposted everything last week!

Here is another Stampscapes scene. This one I really DO like, which is no mean feat for me, as I am my own worst critic.

It makes me smile....and today is not a smiley day!!! I have already been on the phone to Telstra for over an hour and just got hung up on! Grrrr!!!!


Cheryll Miller said...

This one really did keep it's vibrancy Shell. You have done a wonderful job. Every time I look at it, I see something different. Just gorgeous! Have you sent these off to Kevin as yet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...tis solidly my favourite.... the Kevin question.

Michelle Forrest said...

This is gorgeous! you really rock these cards! So sorry you were not having a good day! Hope tomorrow is better!

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Shell you rocked this! LOVE all the detail and depth - FABULOUS!

Kristin said...

brings back great long ago memories and some funny recent ones! grew up going to the beach as a kid and loved it. took the kids this year for the first time b/c they've asked for YEARS to go... and the LOVE the water... oh man, i do NOT have ocean lovers! i have water snobs! haha. but, i love it still. give me sand any day and love that card!