Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Trying to Post

Oh Yuck.

I am trying to post the bag we stamped at camp and it is not doing well. The photo does not show the pretty Lumière paints at all well. It is quite pretty IRL. All stamps used are My Stamps by Cathy Daulman, who was our lovely instructor for the weekend. Unfortunately all the frayed overlapping bits are a wee hard to see too....Darn It!

I might try again in the morning and edit it back into this post.

Wonder what else I have photographed ready....Now is not a good time to take piccies...They never look good when I take them at night!


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Cheryll Miller said...

I will vouch for Shell's comment that this piece looks better IRL. The Lumieres are stamped on black fabric pieces, which Shell has frayed some of very effectively. Then it is all sort of collaged together onto a black bag. I will say Shell, that your white and gold criss crossed pieces look like really big bits of bling reflecting in the light! :)
Just sneaking this comment in before midnight so I don't fail in posting every day!
I have lost my make and take mojo.... sob!