Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Drought is Over!!!!!


The drought is over. I have made my first card since late August. I did take it slowly so as not to damage my shoulder, and I must say that I totally enjoyed puddling around. I was only up to the one of course and it did take a while coz of the little rests in between....but I was determined!

Main fact is of course, that I am going stir crazy! One dreams of just laying around and doing nothing but after the teeniest of whiles the polish gets rubbed off the idea and rust settles in! I am hoping sincerely the other shoulder never has to be operated on! my card! I have this fabulous set from Pink Cat Studios which I have owned for so long and finally used portions of it to do this card. I know it is a 50's theme but it always conjures up images of Olivia Newton John and the movie "Grease"!


Melissa said...

Fabulous job on your card Michelle!! Think I'm going to find my Grease DVD and watch it this weekend. I have the CD soundtrack and still listen to it quite often. I love to sing along to the songs!!

Leigh said...

Woo Hoo, cool card.